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Doors, Wells, & Spiritual Companionship: Reflections on the Poem "Locked Out" Apr 05, 2022

Locked Out


For tens of years I have been trying to get back in,

without even knowing I had been locked out.

When the door opened,

I didn't realize it had been shut.

The doorway, an unheard whisper.

Joy and sorrow became easier.


I had locked myself out of the well.

The bucket lowered...

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12 Trees, 2 New Schools, & a 2-Year Training Program Dec 09, 2021

As I stepped on the shovel, I couldn't help but smile. 

On Sunday, I joined other members from Wisdom Tree Collective as we partnered with Blessed Earth Tennessee, to plant 12 trees at Jones Brummett Elementary School.  Why? 

Wisdom Tree Collective is a nonprofit...

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More Than Hybrids: Spiritual Seekers on a Spacious Path Sep 17, 2021

Those who venture beyond their original spiritual tradition say they aren’t “hybrids.” Instead, they’re seeking wholeness.

Many of us grew up in spiritual traditions that were wary of outsiders. For instance, I was raised in a Southern Baptist church where citing...

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