"Wisdom Tree Collective's approach truly resonates with me, as it acknowledges the diverse and multifaith world we live in today.

So far, the program has not only deepened my spiritual knowledge but also empowered me to embark on a journey of continuous personal growth. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a well-structured, open-minded, and enriching exploration of spiritual direction in today's diverse world."

- Swaady Martin


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"I applied to the Certificate in Spiritual Direction program after having experienced a spiritual awakening at a retreat with Wisdom Tree Collective. I found the spiritual direction I was looking for!

Now the training program is greatly deepening my relationship with God and preparing me for service as a spiritual director.

Wisdom Tree Collective is a gift from God that has changed my life."

- Darrell Arnett

   Addiction Medicine Physician (Retired)
   Franklin, TN

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"I had been searching for a spiritual direction program to join for many years, but nothing felt right. The Wisdom Tree Collective came along at the perfect time. I love how this program is holistic. This program teaches us how to be spiritual directors, but it also pushes us to turn inward and pay attention to our own inner self. It's giving me the practical tools to be a spiritual director, but also equips me with the wisdom and ways of being with people that will help me hold space for my future directees well."

- Abby Buter

   Staff Resilience Coordinator & Wellness Coach
   Tacoma, WA

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"I began a “deep dive” spiritual journey with Kasey about 10 years ago. It has led me to a deeper understanding and a stronger faith. But when I began the Spiritual Director program last fall I discovered new revelations, healing, and a Divine connection that I could not have imagined. Grateful and energized for the journey!"

- Becky Yates

   Retired Pastor
   Nashville, TN

"In grad school, I learned to think differently. In therapy, I learned how to think and feel differently. In this program, I'm learning how to think, feel, and see differently. I'm eager to learn how my unfurling might coalesce with a God bigger than I've imagined."

- Amy Hammett, MA, LMHC

   Seattle, WA

"The Wisdom Tree Collective Spiritual Direction program gathers the best of spiritual direction traditions across faiths. It is a two-year program in listening to, for, and with the spirit, allowing truths to emerge one breath at a time. It is remarkable to me how generous and accurate this process is for listening to and understanding what might previously have been unknown and unwelcome. I highly recommend this program."

- Rev. Dr. Amy E. Steele

   Dean of The Upper Room Chapel
   Nashville, TN

“I am loving my experience in the spiritual direction certificate program. I have been a Christian all of my life and can honestly say I have learned more in this program in the last 6 months than in the rest of my life collectively. We certainly learn important concepts, but I have changed! My relationship with God has become so much more intimate and woven into my heart. I would recommend this program to anyone of any age who wants to go deeper into spiritual practice with others or for themselves.”

- Cindy Smith, Pharmacist

   Nashville, TN

Sally Sharpe

Spiritual Director

“This [The Language of Loss morning retreat] was a much-needed opportunity to explore some unprocessed grief in a safe environment. As a lifelong journaler and journaling instructor, I found Amy-Lyles Wilson to be a wise and gentle guide, helping us give voice to the deeper stories of our souls."

Kim Working

Medical Physicist & WTC Co-Founder

"A very insightful writing experience to ease the anxiety, grieving, frustration and sadness of loss. I would strongly recommend Amy-Lyle's [Language of Loss] retreat to anyone experiencing and wrestling with loss."

B. Y. 

Nashville, TN

“Amy-Lyles Wilson is an amazing facilitator and encourager. Her thoughtful prompts open your soul to receiving and giving thoughts and emotions long buried or even those on the surface that you had never voiced to others. The format for the retreat facilitated trust and openness. The day was filled with encouragement and healing.”

S. S. 

Hendersonville, TN

“The class was good for me, started writing morning pages and Saturday night had a dream, first one in a long time. God is working on my layers, so grateful.”

R. T. 

Mt. Juliet, TN

“Kasey brings the best speakers and ensures that everyone is comfortable. It's a safe space for rest and recuperation. The retreats engage my non-analytical brain (which I should do more often). I would highly recommend.”

L. B. 

Mt. Juliet, TN

“The Wisdom Tree Collective's retreat about grief was helpful to me. The presenter was encouraging to everyone present.”