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Kasey brings over 18 years of experience as a Spiritual Director to Wisdom Tree Collective. 

Prior to moving to Mt. Juliet (near Nashville, TN) in 2008, Kasey spent five years in Washington where she earned a Masters of Divinity and Certificate in Spiritual Direction at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology.  She grew up in Ohio and was a youth pastor in the United Methodist Church for five years in Missouri, before heading to the Seattle-area.


Her way of Spiritual Direction can be described as offering hospitality to the soul by being present and listening to the whole of one's life--daytime, nighttime, body, mind, spirit, and relationships.  She utilizes a variety of ancient and present-day tools to help her directees; these include Lectio Divina, Dreamwork, Breathwork, IFS (parts work), imaginative & guided prayer and relaxation. 


Kasey's own story of becoming a Spiritual Director began with mental, physical, and relational burnout as a Youth Pastor, so she is especially passionate about a healthy, authentic spirituality.   


Besides Spiritual Direction, Kasey also offers retreats, classes, supervision for Spiritual Directors, and is a Level III Reiki Therapist.  Thanks to directees asking to be trained by her over the years, she has developed and is offering a 2-year Wisdom-based online program to train Spiritual Directors, beginning fall 2021. 


Kasey resides with her husband, Russ, daughter, Lainey, and son, Alex.  She enjoys a cup of tea, reading, juggling, baking, taking art lessons, a walk through the woods, and quiet mornings with her Russian Blue cat, Birdie, on her lap.


You can find out more about Kasey at

Mary Jording (a.k.a Mary Francis Working) brings an incarnational hospitality to Wisdom Tree Collective.


While born in Quincy, Illinois, Mary Francis spent over 30 years in several states as a radiation therapist and director of radiation oncology departments. It was through this career she met her husband, Kim, who is a medical physicist.


Raised in the Lutheran tradition, later in life, Mary Francis, joined the Episcopal Church where she served as a Eucharistic minister, lay reader, and cantor. She has a special love of hymnody and Taize music.  And her deep admiration for Saint Francis of Assisi, led to taking his name as part of hers.


When visiting the Workings’ home, you will see icons in most rooms. In the early 1990s, with the help of a Dominican priest, Mary Francis discovered her love of icons and the powerful symbols that each one relays.  


Mary Francis enjoys sharing her cooking and home with others   She views both preparing and sharing a meal as a sacred experience that can delight the eyes, ears, and taste buds!  Perhaps this comes from her love of all “the smells and bells” (for you “high church” folks out there)!  All who come to the Workings’ home for retreats and dinner parties can taste and smell the love of God.     


Mary Francis was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2010.  While living with this disease can be difficult, she continues to live life to the fullest. She and Kim even took a trip to Antarctica in 2019!


She resides in Lebanon, TN, with her husband Kim.

Kim brings a life-long love of science and spirituality to Wisdom Tree Collective. 

A clinical Medical Physicist, Kim is board certified by the American Board of Radiology in Therapeutic and Diagnostic Radiological Physics.  In this capacity, he currently serves as the President and Laboratory Director at K&S Associates, Inc. in Nashville, TN.  K&S provides calibration services and routine clinical medical physics consulting support to the Radiation Oncology, Diagnostic Radiology facilities and the Health Physics communities nationally and internationally.  

Since he was a boy, Kim has been drawn to "God's first Bible"-getting up earlier than anyone in the house to spend time in Creation (he still does!).  This led to observations and recognition of patterns and insights offered through nature which further encouraged his interest in the integration of theology and the sciences.   

With his completion of the 2-year Living School program at the Center for Action and Contemplation (  Kim's own spiritual life and his passion for providing teaching and instruction grew.  

Besides the intersection of science and faith, he also focuses on pathways to a maturing spirituality.  Through small groups, he companions others, especially men, in growing and deepening their awareness.  Currently, he draws on the wisdom of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, in "trusting in the slow work of God."

Kim resides in Lebanon, TN with his wife Mary Francis.  

In Memory Of Sister Maria Edwards, RSM

July 22, 1941- February 19, 2022

Sister Maria Edwards was a treasured spiritual director, spiritual direction mentor, teacher, and friend. Wisdom Tree Collective is truly thankful for her time, dedication, and her wisdom (& hugs) she so freely offered. 

Her legacy will continue through all of us.

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