Communication Policy

Wisdom Tree Collective is rooted in and operates out of the heart of Spiritual Direction which is hospitality. 
Within an atmosphere of hospitality, all are welcome just as they are.  As individuals and as a community, we seek: 

  • To uphold the dignity of all, whether in agreement or disagreement. 
  • To be a safe place for one’s Authentic Self to emerge without judgement.
  • To hold the space for the honest expression of the full range of human emotion.
  • To be timely and compassionate in our communication—written, verbal, or nonverbal.

Conflict is inevitable.  It can also be an opportunity for wisdom. 
In an environment of hospitality, all are to be aware of and consider the “Negative A-ha.”  This is sitting with any internal negative response one may have toward a person, an idea, or comment, rather than ego-reacting. 
Whether briefly or over time, reflection on what lies at the root of one’s negative reaction allows deeper wisdom to surface offering creative, compassionate insight for the path forward.  It also helps shape further communication with those who are associated with the conflict. 

  • If the conflict does not resolve within oneself and one does not feel a conversation yet possible with the party involved, one may go to another for help with discernment.  Keep in mind the dignity of the other party, when talking of the situation outside of their presence. 
  • If the conflict still does not resolve, one may contact a member of Wisdom Tree Collective.

Humility arises in understanding that all will be on the giving and receiving end of the “Negative A-ha” at some point.  The heart of hospitality recognizes our humanity and invites a forgiving posture (which may include asking for and offering forgiveness when necessary and life-giving for both parties).
Zero-tolerance for Bullying
Aggression, including passive forms of aggression, will not be tolerated amongst the staff or those attending classes, retreats and other offerings through Wisdom Tree Collective. 
This includes:

  • Behaviors that are threatening, humiliating, intimidating, isolating, dismissive, controlling, and/or coercive.
  • Work interference/sabotage that prevents work from getting done or demeans the worker/attendee in any way.
  • Verbal abuse, whether or not the person is present, including (and especially) that which is cloaked in spiritual/religious-sounding language.

Individuals who feel they have experienced bullying should report this to Wisdom Tree Collective staff before the conduct becomes severe or pervasive.  All are strongly encouraged to report any bullying conduct they experience or witness as soon as possible to allow Wisdom Tree Collective to take appropriate action.
Confidentiality & Privacy
You have a right to expect confidentiality in regard to the information you share in confidential settings.  Confidentiality policies are discussed prior to or during classes, private sessions, groups, and retreats. 
When consultation on an issue is needed in order to provide additional perspective, your identity will always be held in confidence. 
When dialogue in a session is referenced in printed materials, your identity will always be held in confidence.  Your name and identifying factors will be changed in order to honor your privacy.
Your email communications with members of Wisdom Tree Collective will be kept confidential.

Your contact information, including name, address, phone number, and email will never be sold. 

Your contact information will only be shared with your written permission (ex. You want to be included in Wisdom Tree Collective’s Spiritual Directors’ database).

Online individual and group Spiritual Direction sessions, group sharing at the end of a retreat, and monthly online group gatherings for Wisdom Tree Collective’s School of Spiritual Direction will not be recorded in order to honor attendees’ privacy and keep the space safe for sharing. 

ā€‹We are permitted or required by law to disclose information without your consent or authorization in some situations, like threat of self-harm or harm to others. These situations are rare and we will make every effort to discuss it with you before taking action.

All materials of these courses are proprietary and are not to be shared with other individuals. 
Before participation in a Wisdom Tree Collective activity, you will sign a form stating you have read and been offered a copy of Wisdom Tree Collective’s Communication and Confidentiality Policy.

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