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Wisdom Tree Collective helps people pay attention to God's healing, guiding love available through all of Creation (including themselves) and connect this Wisdom to their daily lives. 

One Tree, 

Many Branches

Heal and Grow through spiritual direction, retreats, groups, and classes. Learn to guide others through a training program in the ancient art of Spiritual Direction.

 School of Spiritual Direction

This virtual wisdom-based certification is for those who desire to become Spiritual Directors or to view the world through a spiritual direction lens.  They companion others with compassion and wisdom on their spiritual journeys.  

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Retreats, Groups, & Classes

In-person and virtual classes, groups & retreats are for the general public and offered by various Spiritual Directors and other qualified individuals.  Certificate program individuals will have an additional integration assignment.

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What is Wisdom Tree Collective?


An inclusive community of people who desire deep healing and growth in themselves, others, and all of Creation.

Experience union with Divine Love, your Authentic Self, and shared Wisdom 

healing of soul wounds  including harm done by institutional religion, disconnection from nature and one's own body, heart,  mind, & soul, and hurt and divisiveness in relationships on personal and communal levels.

the ability to see and respond to both soul wounds and Wisdom arising in and through all of Creation

guidance and mentoring in becoming a Spiritual Director, one who companions others on their spiritual journeys



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