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Seeking Spaciousness

awe sacred space spaciousness stillness wonder Aug 19, 2023

When I look at the journal I keep during sessions with my spiritual director, I see a few themes. One of the most noticeable is "spaciousness." As I read that word, I know exactly what it represents for me.

I like to stay busy. I love the work I do in the world, and sometimes I have trouble stepping back from brainstorming, planning, and implementing. But the word is more than a reminder to "pencil in some God time." It's a call for me to leave room for the Divine and revel in the Mystery each and every day. Who knows what might reveal itself to me if I stop trying to fill up each hour with information or activity? I wonder what I have been missing by trying to make sure I don't miss anything.

When I mentioned to my spiritual director that I wanted more room in my life to spend time with God, she suggested that what I was searching for might be "spaciousness." It's a lovely word, moving beyond tangible space to incorporate that which we cannot see or control. It is open and wide and deep all at the same time. It is without borders.

On the days I make room for spaciousness in my life and in my soul, the world looks a little brighter to me and I feel more connected: to the Divine, to my fellow pilgrims, and to the human condition. By acknowledging my need for spiritual spaciousness, I am more likely to inquire with wonder instead of recite facts. I am quicker to recognize that which strikes awe in me. I am made more ready to be still and know.

—Amy-Lyles Wilson, Wisdom Tree Collective Team Member

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