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More Than Hybrids: Spiritual Seekers on a Spacious Path

Sep 17, 2021

Those who venture beyond their original spiritual tradition say they aren’t “hybrids.” Instead, they’re seeking wholeness.

Many of us grew up in spiritual traditions that were wary of outsiders. For instance, I was raised in a Southern Baptist church where citing the Talmud or quoting Ram Dass would have been condemned just as strongly as adultery or gambling.

Obviously, times have changed—and seekers are seldom stigmatized for drawing strength from a variety of spiritual traditions. Nonetheless, many people who are beckoned beyond their original tradition begin with small, tentative steps: the evangelical who wants to learn more about meditation or the Muslim yoga student who enjoys the asanas and starts reading the Bhagavad Gita to name a few.

At this critical juncture, it’s important for curious souls to get gentle encouragement and guidance from those who have already explored this wider world. One such guide is Kasey Hitt, co-founder of the Wisdom Tree Collective, which she describes as “rooted in the contemplative Christian tradition yet open to the collective wisdom flowing through all of Creation—at all times, in all places, through all people and traditions.”


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