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Online Wisdom-based Certificate in Dreamwork

For those who wish to integrate dreamwork into their vocation as professional listeners

Rooted in the Wisdom of the unconscious

Branching within Judeo-Christian traditions, Perennial Wisdom, and the wild eloquence of Nature

 Cultivated through personal dream tending and spiritual discernment practices

Enriched by study of Jungian depth psychology, sacred stories, and professional dreamwork skills


**Application NOW AVAILABLE to become one of the cohort of 12 for Spring 2024**

Acceptance decision made within two weeks of receiving all application materials


Course Information
Dreamwork Application

Certificate Course Description


Program Objectives:  This program is designed to deepen the learner’s relationship with their own dreams, so that they may integrate dreamwork into their work as a professional listener.  The 13-month course is divided into trimesters that emphasize learning, practice, and facilitating dreamwork.



April 6, 2024– Introductory Retreat

Trimester 1: Foundational Knowledge and Beginning Personal Practice

Trimester 2-  Deepening Learning and Practice: Preparing to Share

Trimester 3 – Integrating Dreamwork into Your Work: (no live Zooms in December; independent work with project mentor)

April 2025 – Graduation 


Monthly Rhythm

Week 1 – Watch prerecorded presentation; reading and assigned dreamwork practices

Week 2 -  Live Room meeting with cohort for Dreamwork Praxis, discussion, and Dream Groups (2nd Tuesday of each month)

Week 3 -  1:1 with personal dream mentor; reading and dreamwork practices

Week 4 – Live Room meeting with cohort for Dreamwork Praxis, discussion, and Dream Groups; Reading Responses due (4th Tuesday of each month)



Dedication to your personal dreamwork and the transformative challenges it will present


A designated group for which you will offer dreamwork for healing, personal development, or spiritual growth, and for which you will create a Dreamwork Integration Plan


Ability to access and use our Kajabi platform to watch lectures, meet with the group, and contribute to online conversation


Commitment to meeting twice a month for live discussion and dream group


Commitment to at least 25 hours a month reading, writing, attending class, and working with dreams


Fluency in English


Course Objectives by Trimester


Trimester 1 – Foundational Knowledge and Beginning Personal Practice

-Learn the basics of Jungian-oriented psychology and dream theory

-Establish your own dreamwork practice for personal and spiritual growth

-Learn and practice projective group dreamwork, creative dream exploration, and Ego-Self alignment exercises



Trimester 2 –

Deepen your Learning and Personal Practice; Prepare to Share Dreamwork

-Engage new concepts and practices to discern your personal and spiritual growth through dreamwork

- Explore specific topics in dreamwork

- Initiate a dream group and participate in 1:1 practice sessions



Trimester 3 – Integrate Dreamwork into your Professional Practice; Take the Long View

-Discern and articulate the transformative effects of your personal long-range dreamwork

-Explore issues in professional dreamwork with mentor

-Create and present your Dreamwork Integration Project

-Prepare your Dreamworker’s Toolkit and facilitate 1:1 dreamwork



To Do List Before Spring Retreat:

Download and read “A Field Guide to Dreaming” by Laura Huff Hileman

Download and read Dream Prayers by Tallulah Lyons

Watch the Wisdom Tree Collective introductory videos to dreamwork


Choose One:

Listen to four podcasts that interest you from This Jungian Life (

Read Memories, Dreams, Reflections by Carl Jung.

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