Trauma Informed Spiritual Direction 101

April 25, 7 - 8 pm CT, Virtual

We all carry our own stories and history with us wherever we go. Not only do we bring our own experiences into our spiritual direction sessions, but our directees bring theirs. Most people have experienced some kind of trauma and adversity that can impact an individual's journey through spiritual direction.


This workshop will lay the foundation for how to engage in your spiritual direction practice in a trauma informed way. We will discuss how trauma affects people and the signs of trauma. We will learn tools with which to respond, and how to safeguard against re-traumatization.


In this workshop we’ll answer the following questions:


  •  What does it mean to be trauma informed?
  •  What is trauma informed spiritual direction?
  •  What’s going on in our body when we’re activated (aka triggered)?
  •  What are tools that can be used when we or a directee are feeling activated?


Please bring art supplies to this session as it will be interactive and there will be a guided activity. Examples include: paper, crayons, colored pencils, markers, journal or pen.


This is a free workshop. 


Abby Buter is a student in Wisdom Tree Collective’s School of Spiritual Direction. This workshop is part of her Year Two integration project, a culmination of her work in the program. While not a licensed therapist, Abby draws on her spiritual direction training, personal research, and experience as a Staff Resilience Coordinator at the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department in Tacoma, WA.