Backyard Pilgrimage to the Black Madonna: A Free Online Seminar


Thursday, August 17th, 7-8:30pm

REGISTRATION CLOSES at 6:45 pm on the 17th!


Mystery. Stillness. Storytelling. History.


The oldest depictions of The Black Madonna date back to the Middle Ages (although some legends claim that Luke the Evangelist painted the first). Estimates suggest that there are between 450-500 Black Madonna artifacts scattered across Europe in shrines, roadside chapels, and cathedrals each built on the site where people encountered her likeness and experienced healing, protection from war and disease, a transformation of some sort. Each painting or likeness narrates a story about the nature of human longing and the possibilities around divine intervention.

What might an innovative practice of ethical devotion to The Black Madonna offer modern pilgrims whose journey begins “in their own backyard" where the holy summons us to reimagine new possibilities for being--where religion meets public life. Please join our workshop to learn and engage in spiritual practice that does not dismiss the world nor its problems but leans into contemporary human struggle from an ancient practice.


Rev. Dr. Amy Steele is offering this seminar as part of her second year study in Wisdom Tree Collective’s School of Spiritual Direction.  She is also the Dean of the Upper Room Chapel in Nashville, TN.


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