$525.00 USD

“The Wisdom Pattern: Embracing It in Your Own Life"

“The Wisdom Pattern: Embracing It in Your Own Life”—March 23-26, 2023, 2pm ET-2pm ET  

When things are falling apart, what do you do?   

Some of us will grit our teeth and try even harder to tame the chaos.  Others will smile and pretend nothing is happening.  Neither lead to healing, resilience, or wisdom.  But what if there is a third way?   

Reflecting on your own story, learn how to recognize The Wisdom Pattern—Order/Disorder/Reorder.  From science to religion, from the seasons of the year to all societies, this pattern is found everywhere.  Christians celebrate this pattern in Jesus’ life, death, & resurrection.  Discover how to celebrate it in your life and see the world with new eyes. 

This will be part seminar, part silent retreat with spiritual direction. 

Facilitated by: Kasey Hitt, MDiv, spiritual director, co-founder of WTC and teacher in the School of Spiritual Direction & Kim Working, physicist, alumni of Richard Rohr/CAC’s The Living School, co-founder of WTC and current student in the School of Spiritual Direction  

 Location: Monastery Immaculate Conception, Ferdinand, IN 

Fee: $525 single occupancy  (private bed/bath, 9 meals, spiritual direction & all materials)  Contact us for double-occupancy fee. 

8 rooms available.