$35.00 USD

Letting Go for Lent: An Online Yoga Retreat

Letting Go for Lent: An Online Yoga Retreat

Thursday, Feb. 23rd from 7 - 8:30pm CST


Lent is a season traditionally observed by giving something up, but maybe you don't need to give something up, maybe you need to let something go.  Let go of figuring it out, let go of getting it right, just let go...


Your body can help you let go, so grab your mat and prepare to release what does not serve you - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


We will practice letting go with gentle flowing postures, long-held restorative poses, and breathwork focused on extended exhales during our time together of movement and meditation.  Letting go invites us to release anything that gets in the way of our connection with God and ourselves. Letting go reminds us to exhale fully.


This 90-minute online yoga retreat will include time for reflection and journaling and conclude with relaxing postures making it the perfect transition for a restful night's sleep. Find a quiet place you can practice, and grab your yoga mat, a yoga bolster or pillow, a journal, and some blankets.


Thomas à Kempis invited a regular practice of letting go in the 15th century when he wrote, “Dear friend of mine, unclench your fists, and let everything fly out of your hands."  Join us as we practice opening our hands, letting go, and welcoming the season of Lent. 


Facilitated by Whitney R. Simpson, E-RYT 500

Fee: $35

Class registration closes by Noon on February 23rd.

You will receive a waiver form & Zoom link from Whitney.