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2022 Classes & Seminars


Tolkien, Myth, and Splintered Light—Thursday, November 17, 7:30-9:00pm CST


Learn about the life and work of J.R.R. Tolkien in this online experiential class with particular attention given to Tolkien's spirituality and how that inspired his writing of The Lord of the Rings. Through an artistic exercise he called mythmaking or "sub-creation," Tolkien mystically expresses his experience of creating fantasy. Each page seeps with his sub-creation, instilling his writing with a quality of the sacred.


Join in on an adventure where we will kick our feet onto the path that leads us to the sacred realm within all of us.  Leave with new discoveries of Middle-earth and your own story, looking at the tale you're co-authoring with fresh eyes and a rested heart while allowing the words of the Fellowship to offer you wisdom for your journey.


Bring your favorite pen and a journal for a time of reflective writing.


Your guide to Middle-earth: Nick Polk

Fee: $35

Limited to 15 people.

Zoom link will be emailed.


Nick serves as the Production Editor to Mallorn, the academic journal of The Tolkien Society. He has published multiple articles, given multiple talks, and curated classes on Tolkien. Other than Tolkien, his other loves include his beautiful wife Kelly, coffee, and punk rock.   

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Intro to Working with Dreams: A Free Online Class- Jan. 3rd 6:30-8:oopm CT


Curious how nighttime dreams offer wisdom for waking life?  Join Laura Huff Hileman, Wisdom Tree Collective mentor, certified dreamworker and spiritual director for a free intro session on Tuesday, Jan 3rd at 6:30 pm-8:00 pm CT.  


You’ll learn why dreamwork is soulwork, and you’ll practice four simple ways to engage with your own dreams.  If wanting more, a 6-week group begins the following Tuesday evening for 6 people. 


Contact Laura with questions, [email protected]


Register now for the intro class!  Or sign up to be one of the 6 for the online group.  


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Intro to Centering Prayer & Meditation: A Free Online Class- Jan 5th 12:00-1:00pm


Wondering what to do with your mind during meditation?  Want to learn more about the history behind or the practicalities of Centering Prayer before giving it a try?  Join Kasey Hitt, Wisdom Tree Collective co-founder and teacher in WTC’s School of Spiritual Direction for this introduction, Thursday, January 5th, Noon-1:00 pm CT. Register to receive Zoom link.


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Wisdom Tree Collective 6-Week Dream Group- Jan 10 6:30-8:00 PM


In dreams, God offers us wild and holy Wisdom for daily living.   In a dream group, we share our dreams, explore their layered meanings, and work, play, and pray with symbols in the lively, soulful practice of dreamwork.


Intrigued? Join us for a free intro session on Tuesday, Jan 3rd at 6:30-8:00 CT.   You’ll learn why dreamwork is soulwork, and you’ll practice four simple ways to engage with your own dreams.


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This online group begins Tuesday, Jan 10, 6:30-8:00pm CT and runs through February 14th for a total of six 90-minute sessions.  The facilitator is Laura Huff Hileman, a Wisdom Tree Collective mentor and certified dreamworker & spiritual director at Fire by Night Dreamwork.


The dream group is limited to 6 participants.

Fee is $210 (=$35/session)


Questions? Contact Laura at [email protected] or visit her website at
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2022-2023 Retreats

Sister Mystic: Julian of Norwich and the Call to Delight—Saturday, November 5th, 9am-1pm CST


“But God has chosen the soul of humanity as his resting place. God never began to love us—we and God’s love existed in the very first place—part of the same original creation.”

(Adapted, St. Julian of Norwich, Revelations, ch. 53)


This retreat will include an introduction to St. Julian, a guided meditation based on Julian’s work, and personal and small group reflections on Julian’s major themes.  Grab your journals and soften your hearts as we come together to listen to what this 14th century saint has to say to us in the 21st century.  Like the medieval pilgrims who sought her advice, walk away with wisdom for your own life.


Facilitated by Spiritual Director & Wisdom Tree Collective Mentor, Dr. Robbie Pinter. 

Location: a home in Lebanon, TN. 

Fee: $75 (lunch included) 

Limited to 12 people

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Robbie Clifton Pinter recently retired from a 38-year career teaching English at Belmont University!  At Belmont, she enjoyed teaching a wide variety of writing genres (e.g., The Journal, Memoir, Place Writing, Writing for Social Change, Spirituality, and Writing) that connect a writer’s deepest longing with the sacred call to be fully human.  Robbie has offered workshops and retreats about life writing and its connection to contemplation in both academic and non-academic publications.  


After being trained by Shalem Institute, she began serving as a spiritual director.  Robbie is also a Spiritual Direction Mentor through Wisdom Tree Collective.


Her family includes her husband Mike (still teaching at Belmont) and their 29-year-old son Nicholas, who offers the world his special gifts as a pre-school teacher, despite significant challenges as someone who lives with special "needs."  

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Advent Yoga—Saturday, December 10th 9am-1pm 


You're invited to pause and embody the Advent season through the spiritual practices of yoga and contemplation. Our Advent Yoga day retreat will be based on the book Fully Human, Fully Divine: An Advent Devotional for the Whole Self and facilitated by the author. Our time will include a gentle (beginner-friendly) floor-based yoga session, times of reflective journaling, and creative contemplation. The yoga postures will be restful and refreshing and designed to help you slow down and savor this season!


This retreat will encourage you to embrace the experience of the Advent season fully, with your whole self, and remember that Jesus showed us what it meant to be both fully human and fully divine. During a season that can often become stressful and overwhelming, we are rarely permitted time to be present in our own bodies. We forget that our bodies are blessed and consecrated. Take time to be present in your body and join us for this special event as we await the birth of the Christ Child, the embodiment of God’s presence in our midst.


Longing for more than just a sampling of this Advent experience? If you'd like to use the devotional book in its entirety this Advent season, purchase a copy wherever you buy books or at one of these links. Bring your book to be signed by Whitney. Signed copies of Fully Human, Fully Divine: An Advent Devotional for the Whole Self will be available on the day of our retreat (Cash, Check or Venmo) at $18 each.


Dress comfortably. Bring your yoga mat and a yoga blanket (or another firm blanket), a journal, and a pen/pencil. 


Facilitated by Whitney R. Simpson

Location: a home in Lebanon, TN

Fee: $75 (includes lunch, please contact us with any food allergies)

Limited to 8 people.

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Whitney R. Simpson is a trained spiritual director, yoga teacher, and Wisdom Tree Collective Spiritual Direction Mentor. You can find out more about Whitney at

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Discover Your Wisdom. Change Your World™

An Introduction to SoulCollage® Playshop—January 21st, 9am-2pm CST


SoulCollage® is a creative process of self-discovery that uses imagination, intuition and images as a pathway to our own inner wisdom.


This gentle yet transformative practice is accessible to everyone – even those who feel they have no artistic ability. Each SoulCollage® card represents different parts of your unique Soul just waiting to be known and understood.  Engaging with your SoulCollage® deck puts you in touch with your deep inner knowing and offers opportunities for healing and ongoing guidance as you move through life’s journey.


“Collage is a metaphor for any discovering, gathering, and reweaving of energy-bits already formed and present in the universe.  A new and personal creation can be made from the ever-present divine chaos of images all around us.  Just choose, assemble, name, and then inhabit your SoulCollage® card.” 


– SoulCollage® Founder, Seena Frost from SoulCollage® Evolving.


In this workshop, LeAnne will guide us step by step through the basics of creating cards, and activities designed to tap into wisdom they hold for our lives.


Facilitated by LeAnne Nesbitt

Location: a house in Lebanon, TN

Fee: $75 (includes lunch and all materials)

Limited to 12.

Register by clicking Sign Up below.



LeAnne Nesbitt is a writer, spiritual director, workshop facilitator, dream group leader and a SoulCollage®  Facilitator Trainer. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Psychology and Sociology from Middle Tennessee State University and trained in Spiritual Direction and Dream Work at the Haden Institute in Flat Rock, North Carolina. She is the author of a free e-book entitled Three Ways to Explore Your Dreams with SoulCollage®.  For more information and to download her e-book, visit LeAnne on her website at

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“The Wisdom Pattern: Embracing It in Your Own Life”—March 23-26, 2023, 2pm ET-2pm ET  


When things are falling apart, what do you do?   


Some of us will grit our teeth and try even harder to tame the chaos.  Others will smile and pretend nothing is happening.  Neither lead to healing, resilience, or wisdom.  But what if there is a third way?   


Reflecting on your own story, learn how to recognize The Wisdom Pattern—Order/Disorder/Reorder.  From science to religion, from the seasons of the year to all societies, this pattern is found everywhere.  Christians celebrate this pattern in Jesus’ life, death, & resurrection.  Discover how to celebrate it in your life and see the world with new eyes. 


This will be part seminar, part silent retreat with spiritual direction. 



Facilitated by: Kasey Hitt, MDiv, spiritual director, co-founder of WTC and teacher in the School of Spiritual Direction & Kim Working, physicist, alumni of Richard Rohr/CAC’s The Living School, co-founder of WTC and current student in the School of Spiritual Direction  


Location: Monastery Immaculate Conception, Ferdinand, IN 

Fee: $525 single occupancy  (private bed/bath, 9 meals, spiritual direction & all materials)  Contact us for double-occupancy fee. 

8 rooms available. 

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